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Trio Mio: twisted match 4 game

4.0 ( 2720 ratings )
Игры Семейные Головоломки
Разработчик Allan Krings

Enter the flow zone. Have fun. Download and play this enticing game. It will enlarge your brains capacity to react quickly on visual clues. Eye-brain-limbic system coordination will improve.
Play it daily to gain the benefits for your brain.

Get a new refreshing angle on the old match-three idle game. In this all-new variation, the goal is to match four or more, you get slightly punished for matching three and adequately warranted for matching four or more.

There are over 100 challenging levels free to go and more coming in the near future.

Download now! Accept the challenge and show your friends how clever you are.

Achieve the goals by collecting strings of 4 or more special candys and scoring the requested score for each level. There are no illegal moves. Some moves are better than other moves. Some moves even punish your score, other moves gives extra points. It is your quest to find the solution. You can do it! Yes YOU can!